Exploration of the tribological solutions evolved in the biological world
Involving joint work with biologists, this research seeks to understand and mimic the behavior of interacting surfaces in the world of animals and plants, while uncovering the biological side of adhesion, friction, lubrication and wear.


Hexagonal surface micropattern
for elastomer friction control

We study the dry and wet friction of the surface texture, mimicking the pattern evolved in attachment pads of bush crickets, salamanders and tree frogs.


Wall-shaped hierarchical microstructure
for gecko-like attachment

We study the adhesion and friction of thin- film-based shear-activated microstructures inspired by the hairy attachment systems of insects, arachnids and reptiles.

Development of green aspects of classical tribology
This multidisciplinary research sets problems at the interface between physics, chemistry, material science and mechanics, and aims at increasing efficiency, integrity and cleanliness of modern surface technologies.

mcsm profile

Mechano-chemical surface modifica-
tion for reduction of friction losses

We study the deformation-induced generation of surface films consisting
of compounds with low shear strength and superior oil retention.

scratched suface

Tailoring the properties of engineering surfaces for reduction of wear
We study the surface state of mechanical components to solve problems related to wear resistance, increase of service life and mitigation of environmental pollution.

Uncovering tribology science from daily life
The lab staff is encouraged to take up research works that can enhance the public’s interest in tribology science.

safety razor

We found that a frog-inspired surface texture, applied in real safety razors for friction-based stretching of lubricated skin, outperforms significantly the most advanced commercial surfaces in current use.

tt paddle

Though table tennis is governed by an international organization founded in 1926, we were the first to introduce a scientific approach to characterize racket rubber, in contrast to the current mystic and non-objective expert’s method of valuation.