Relative motion between a solid surface and a contacting substance is essential for the function of various mechanisms, both natural and artificial. The topics associated with this motion are studied in the frame of Tribology, the science and technology of contact mechanics, friction, lubrication and wear.


Devoted to the science and technology of Tribology, our main activities include fundamental and applied research in the friction and wear of engineering surfaces, micro/nano tribology, bionic tribology, tribological instrumentation and contact mechanics, as well as educating graduate and undergraduate students in this area.

We can also help to
• Reduce maintenance costs and energy losses, and increase reliability and service life of mechanical systems
• Diagnose friction and wear mechanisms and define correct test methods
• Conduct simulation tests of wear, surface fatigue and adhesion of mechanical components such as gears, bearings, seals, brakes, piston systems, etc.
• Select materials, topography and surface treatments, lubricants and additives
• Determine the causes of mechanical system failures