ME 4853 Special Topics – Applied Tribology Lab
This course aims to introduce students to the fundamentals of the science and technology of interacting surfaces, and to provide them with hands-on experience in characterizing surface roughness and hardness, measuring friction in unidirectional and reciprocal sliding, and experimental modeling of adhesive, abrasive and fretting wear.

Topics covered:
1. Introduction: tribology in a machine’s life cycle and its economic impact.
2. Surfaces: roughness, residual stresses, surface energy.
3. Contact: types, real contact, contact mechanics, adhesion.
4. Friction: laws, types and components, energy dissipation, effects of different parameters.
5. Lubrication: types, functions, regimes.
6. Wear: oxidative, abrasive, adhesive, surface fatigue, fretting, erosion.
7. Methods: problem diagnostics, experimental means, reduction of friction and wear as a means of energy conservation and increase in mechanical components’ lifetime.


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